Details and estimates for the services that I provide.




While it may seem simple to fit every project into one of three boxes,   web design pricing is a strange animal and all the numbers on this page are subject to you – and that’s to your benefit. I won’t charge you $10,000 for a simple one page just like I won’t charge $200 to create a giant e-commerce store.

Instead, I’m all about chatting with you, seeing what you need, and giving you a fair estimate for a website that does what you want and what your business needs.  Please contact me for a more specific price quote.   Additional service offerings also below. 


Website Audit or Proposal


Have a website, but you don’t know how to make it work for your business?

Starting a business, but don’t know what you need on your website to attract the right clients?

This option is for a discovery call with me to hear about your business and goals.  I will give you a report and or proposal of what I would suggest your business or idea needs in order to make a great first impression online.

Standard Website Design


+ Customized Design for your business or book

+ 4-8 pages

+ Responsive Design for viewing on mobile and tablet devices

+ Contact Form

+ Google Analytics Added

+ Migrate your existing site content

+ Training so you can edit later

Web Development

Contact for a quote

Need some changes or updates to your current website? I am available for website redesign and editing. Pricing is project specific.  I work with both Squarespace and WordPress.

Additional services listed below.

Website Maintenance Plan

1) Updates & Optimization

I keep your site updated, maintained, cleaned and running smooth and fast.

  • WordPress, theme monitored & updated
  • site cleared and optimized weekly
  • plugins monitored and updated

2) Protection & Security

Your site is scanned daily and has a firewall which is basically a security net protecting it.

  • website firewall protection
  • daily scanning
  • hackers & spam denied


3) Backups & Restore Points

Your site is backed up weekly in multiple locations and can be restored at any time.

  • weekly website backups
  • on & off-site backup locations
  • weekly points for quick restores

4) Monthly Reports

I’ll send you a monthly report of your page views, site traffic and more.

  • monthly google analytics report of page views, site traffic details and more
  • training on viewing and understanding your analytics in more detail

Help! Fix my website.  Have a website with a problem?  I offer quick fixes for websites not part of my monthly website maintenance plan for $75/hour

Additional Services

Contact me for specific quotes and and timelines.

Custom Graphics

For print or digital

Online Course Creation

Setup your online course so you are ready to take students

Book Cover Design and Interior Layout

Design and layout your book so its ready to send to the printer or Createspace for printing

Website Audit

Review your website and give you a plan

Email Marketing

Create email optins and even design your monthly email newsletter

Membership Site Creation

Create your own membership site and create an online community.

Digital Marketing Services

Develop strategic plans and customer templates for social media

Ebook Cover and Layout

Design and layout your ebook

Social Media Graphic Campaigns

Receive compelling graphics and images for your social media channels that meet marketing goals and enhance your brand.

Corporate and Stock Photography

Professional photos of your company and stock photos for your marketing needs


Store setup and product management